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Veggiemesh also provides some protection against frost. Veggiemesh does a fantastic job protecting mature vegetables, such as cauliflower and calabrese, from the autumn frosts.

It may be worth noting that more supple plants such as early potatoes and runner beans will need envirofleece to protect them from frost.


In addition, when using Veggiemesh, it also improves soil conditions by reducing the capping and puddling. This provides better germination and also survival of seedlings. During this time, plants also appear to make more efficient use of fertilisers.


Most vegetable crops, which includes soft fruit, can be protected with Veggiemesh including the following: Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, turnips, swedes, radish, carrot, parsnip, celery, spinach, parsley, onions, leeks, peas, lettuce and all different types of oriental vegetables. Furthermore, Strawberries, raspberries and currants can also be covered.

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Crop Covers


Veggiemesh is a fantastic product designed particularly to protect vegetable and soft fruit crops from  pests such as insects, birds, rabbits and of course; the weather.


Veggiemesh  protects crops below from insects such as the following; cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, cutworm, leaf miners and many species of aphids.


Crops can be covered with Veggiemesh throughout the whole year, right from planting your crops to harvesting.

It is advisable to lay the Veggiemesh directly over the plants ensuring that there is enough slack for the crops to grow. The edges can be buried or secured with pegs making sure there are no gaps. The high level of ventilation that Veggiemesh provides reduces the risk of high temperature and humidity which can encourage diseases and weed growth.

Veggiemesh provides protection against birds, rabbits, snails and domestic pets. Veggiemesh also provides some protection against slugs. Please note that if you need to use slug pellets under the mesh, they will be inaccessible to birds and animals.

By using Veggiemesh to cover your crops, they will grow earlier and also suffer less from physical damage. You may also find that your crops need less water under drought weather conditions. It is extremely useful that crops can be watered through the mesh.

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