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Soft Butterfly Netting in Black or Green




Soft Butterfly Netting is a brilliant way to protect your vegetables from cabbage white butterflies, birds and is ideal to lay over your pond to protect against debris and Herons. It is ideal for brassica plants.

This soft butterfly netting will keep butterflies away from your plants and vegetables .


The netting is light enough to lay directly over crops and strong enough to be used to cover frames, cages or hoops.


This netting has a mesh size too compact for bees to fit through. As a result, if you are growing crops that need pollinating you just need to remove this netting during flowering.


Made from strong HDPE and UV stabilised, it feels more like a soft fabric to touch and will last for many years.

5mm x 7mm black or green braided mesh.


This netting does not fray and can be cut using scissors.

Frequently asked questions

Can Bees get through the butterfly netting? 

The mesh is too small for bees to go through. If you have plants that need pollinating, then you would need to remove this netting during flowering season. 

How small should the netting be? 

The butterfly netting is sized at 5mm x 7mm which is plenty small enough to stop the majority of butterflies from being able to access the crops themselves.


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Crop Covers

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