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Anti Bird Netting

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Fruit Cage/Poultry Cage Netting


The poultry and fruit cage netting is a heavy duty netting which is ideal to protect fruit crops from birds and other animals whilst having large enough holes for bees to get through to pollinate.


It is predominantly used on the sides of cages, but also works fantastically well on chicken enclosures, fences and gates to stop animals getting in/out.


If using on a fruit cage, we recommend using our bird netting for the roof cover.


It has a Slightly stiff but flexible feel and is a heavy-duty netting


17mm x 17mm square mesh


Made from UV stabilised extruded polypropylene.



Environmesh tunnel kit




Crop Covers

Fruit Cage Netting

Our high quality, heavy duty anti bird netting is great for laying directly over your soft fruit bushes or trees. It can also be used for vegetables or covering fruit frames or cages.


It will protect against birds without harming them. The diamond mesh which will deter unwanted visitors whilst allowing the bees through to pollinate.


Can be laid directly on the fruit or vegetable crops or over garden hoops and cages. Ideal for covering fruit cages. Tangle free.


Made from high tensile strength, UV stabilised, doublestitch HDPE, our bird netting is soft to the touch and will last for many years.


Lay directly over the crop or over hoops and cages. Ensure enough slack for the crops to grow, bury the ends and secure with pegs.

Black, doublestitch, mesh size 20mm x 20mm


NB: This netting does not fray and can be cut using scissors.


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Bird Netting
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