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Environmesh tunnel kit




Crop Covers

How to cut Veggiemesh


Veggiemesh can be cut using scissors. The Veggiemesh needs to be carefully lifted, as well as cleaned and dried before storing for winter.


Taking Care of Veggiemesh


If the Veggiemesh becomes dirty, it can be washed using a mild detergent and luke warm water. It is best stored in dry conditions out of any direct sunlight.


Following the steps above, veggiemesh can last up to at least 7 years. Veggiemesh is made from u.v stabilised polyethylene. The mesh size is 1.35mm. The weight is around 55gms/sq.metre, light passage 90% and air passage 75%.










What else can Veggiemesh be used for?


Veggiemesh can be used to cover cold frames or cloche hoops.Veggiemesh can also be used to make curtains to keep the insects out of greenhouses and conservatories. It is also very useful for  covering cages to grow exhibition flowers, as it will exclude insect pests and birds.


Things that you may want to note:


It is advisable to always cover plants and seeds straight after planting or sowing. Plants should be inspected to ensure that they are free from insect pests before they are covered. It is recommendable to protect any seedlings which are grown for transplanting.


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