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Crop Covers

Carrot Fly Fence Netting

Carrot flies are a small black fly. Their larvae feed on carrot roots and plants which are similar to that which include parsnips and also turnips.

You may have noticed your carrots are rotting but you're not sure of the reason why. It could be that its the carrot flies. Unfortunately, the carrot fly can ruin large amounts of carrot produce.

Frequenly asked questions

How does carrot fly netting work?

Gardening Naturally's carrot fly netting as even smaller wholes than the ultra-fine veggiemesh netting. The size of the smaller wholes are 0.27mm x 0.88mm. 

The Carrot fly is not capable of flying high enough to get over a 1m barrier so you'll reduce the effects of the carrot fly by using the carrot fly fence netting. 


The Netting helps to contain the smells and aroma which would otherwise attract the carrot fly protecting your carrots.

How do I use the carrot fly netting? 

You use it with either the 16mm or 19mm aluminum poles and clips or with the bamboo canes. The 13mm clips are recommended for use with the bamboo cane.

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