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A sensational new crop cover, Thermacrop is made from woven strips of an extremely soft polyethylene. The benefits of thermacrop are that it is quite similar to 17g garden fleece but Thermacrop is a lot stronger, easier to manage and has a fantastic life expectancy of 5 years.

When to remove the Thermacrop

Crops should not reamain covered by Thermacrop for more than 6-8 weeks. However, potatoes may be covered until the risk of frost has passed. When you cover crops which depend on insects for pollination, the thermacrop should be removed during flowering. For long term protection of crops it is highly recommended to use Veggiemesh.


When the Thermacrop netting is removed crops may suffer "shock". To minimise ths shock effect, you will need to remove the cover only during mild conditions, not during periods of bright sunlight or low temperatures.

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What is Thermacrop and what are the benefits?

Thermacrop is a type of crop cover woven from strips of a very soft polyethylene. When it is laid over a crop or plant, the idea is to provide a micro climate in order to encourage the growth of seeds and young plants. The effect is similar to normal garden fleece but its a lot stronger and more hard wearing.

How do you use Thermacrop?

You can put Thermacrop on vegetables and salads, you will need to cover the crop right away after sowing or planting and fasten the thermacrop on all sides.

You will need to ensure you always allow some space to allow the crop to grow. You'll need to fasten the envirotect every 1.5 meters (60 ins.) with some Tri Pegs (to do this; push the centre peg into the ground near the material and the short pegs through the envirotect itself). You could instead use stones or timber or have the edges buried.

How do you re-seed your garden?

When you re-seed patches or bigger areas, you will need to cover with Thermacrop straight

after sowing. By doing this, you will protect against birds and it will also ensure that the moisture is conserved, providing much quicker and more even germination.

Can you re-use Thermacrop?

If handled with care it may be re-used many times. If the material becomes dirty, light penetration will be reduced. Please note that thermacrop may be washed at low temperatures, using a mild detergent.

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