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Environmesh tunnel kit




Crop Covers

 Joiners and tubes

Joiners for Aluminium Cages


These economical joiners are easy and simple to use. All you need to do is push push them inside the tubing. These joiners are perfect for creating your very own garden structures and vegetable cages.

Aluminium tubing- Uprights 16mm


If you are building a building a cage sized 1.6m or higher you might need Aluminium Anchors. For specific sizes, if you contact Gardening Naturally they can sort something out for you.




Aluminium tubing- Cross Bars 13mm

Aluminium Anchors


Aluminium Anchors is an 18 inch long tube which provides added support to larger frames. The tube can be pushed into the ground, a minimum of 12 inches and then the 16mm uprights are dropped in. Recommended for frames 1.6m or above.



These balls are perfect for building your own garden cages with canes or aluminium tubing.

One 16mm hole, Five 13mm holes

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