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Crop Covers

Pegs and Clips

Greenhouse Insulation Clips

These insulation clips are used to fix insulation or shading fleece insulation to your aluminium greenhouse.These clips can act as a spacer and may be used for tying the material.


Tri-pegs are pegs that are used for securing Veggiemesh and Fleece.


Clips for Aluminium Frames and Hoops

These standard pipe clips are used for securing crop covers on aluminium frames. It is recommended to use these pipe clips if you are using fleece due to wind resistance.


Weed Control Fabric Pegs

Fabric pegs are barbed pegs which are perfect for securing weed control fabric and bird netting. They are also 14cm long in length.

Heavy Duty Tri-Pegs

A barbed peg which is ideal for securing all crop covers.


The centre 20cm (8inch) part of the peg is pushed into the soil and the two outer prongs sit on the crop cover itself.

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Galvanised Garden Steel Pegs


Galvanised steel netting or fleece garden pegs, ideal for securing netting/fleece to the ground around the raised beds, tunnels and crops. Circular rod with hook at one end.


Material: Galvanised Steel, reusable and very long lasting


22cm (9") long/2-3mm diameter



Buy Galvanised Garden Steel Pegs Cable-Ties Buy Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Cable Ties are used for securing netting to fruit cages they come in two sizes.


Large ties are used for securing to our premium cages and standard to our standard size fruit cages.


Large Size: 4.8mm x 200mm


Standard Size: 2.5mm x 100mm