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Warmacrop 30g Garden Fleece


This heavy duty 30g garden fleece will protect your plants from the frost and cold,

it gives enhanced frost protection and protects down to -5/6ºC, ideal for tender plants and shrubs as well as protecting early potatoes.


It can also be used in greenhouses and can be fixed inside the glass to give a ‘double glazing’ effect.  It is easy to secure, simple to remove and is re-usable.  In aluminium greenhouses it may be fixed to glazing bars using clips or double-sided sticky pads.  In wooden greenhouses it may be fixed to the glazing bars using drawing pins or double-sided sticky pads.  


Water, light and air can all pass through the material. If used with care, the material may be re-used several times.  It is machine washable at a temperature not exceeding 40°C.  It may be easily cut with sharp scissors. When not in use, store out of direct sunlight and in a vermin proof environment.


Made from UV stabilised, spun bonded polypropylene.



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Polythene is a clear horticulture film 150 gauge and has many different uses around the garden.


It is an effective way to protect plants from the wind and rain as well as providing greenhouse insulation to crops and tender plants.


It also benefits from being a great way to help keep out insect pests and damage from small birds.


Polythene can also be used to cover hoops or frames to create polytunnels.


Please note the image is just showing the product in use and the hoops aren't included.


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