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Envirofleece green

The green fleece is a very strong and lightweight material which great for providing light, shade or insulation in a greenhouse without condensation problems. Envirofleece green is also perfect for protecting supple shrubs. The fleece is much warmer and also stronger than the standard fleece and the colour green is much less obstructive than the white.


Envirofleece green is very eary to install easy to remove and of course, machine washable and re-usable.


How to use envirofleece green in your greenhouse

In aluminium greenhouses it can be secured to the inside of the glazing bars using some clips or alternatively, double sided sticky pads.


In wooden greenhouses it may be fixed to the inside of the glazing bars using drawing pins or double-sided sticky pads.


If more shading is needed, a double layer can be used or a second piece may be laid over the plants. It may be used in a similar way over winter to provide insulation. The nature of the material means that it will not cause condensation problems.


How to use envirofleece green to protect your shrubs

Envirofleece Green is the perfect materialto protect tender shrubs against frost damage. For example, Camelia should be covered during cold frosty weather.


The fleece can be pegged down using some Tri-Pegs or it may be fixed by tying round loosely with string. It is advisable that the cover is removed during periods of mild, wet weather.


What else can envirofleece green be used for?

Envirofleece Green may also be used in floristry displays. It is a lightweight material and does not stain when water is applied to it. It is also machine washable at a low temperature.