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Butterfly Netting

Butterfly netting will protect your fruit and vegetables against birds without harming them and it is also used to keep out the cabbage white butterflies. Butterfly Netting is very suitable for covering ponds. Butterfly netting is black with 7mm x 7mm holes.


If you are growing crops that need pollinating, you will need to remove the netting during flowering or alternatively, use bird netting.

Butterfly netting is a lightweight, strong and very durable "Mini-Mesh" netting. By using this protection netting, it will protect your crops against birds. It can also protect your pond from debris, and provide protection against Herons. You may use butterfly netting to cover your seedlings and new plants, incuding newly seeded lawns to protect it against birds and also cats as both can cause damage to your crops.

It is advisable to use butterfly netting to cover soft fruit in order for the birds not to damage the plants.



You can use protection netting over fleece to protect against larger animals such as birds, in order to reduce 'blowing' under windy conditions.


Butterfly protection netting is even light enough to be used over crops without any other support needed, and furthermore, it is strong enough to be used to cover frames and cages, or cloches.


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Butterfly Netting 7mm x 7mm