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Garden Fleece

Envirofleece 30g


Envirofleece is a garden fleece which will give improved frost protection (-5/6oC) for supple plants and shrubs and it can also protect potatoes in their early days. Envirofleece is a fantastic, cost effective greenhouse insulation which does not produce condensation.

Envirofleece Green


This envirofleece (pictured left) is a robustand lightweight fleece, which is perfect for providing shade and insulation for greenhouses or conservatories that have condensation problems. Envirofleece is easy to install and of course, machine washable. It is also very useful for protecting fragile plants.

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Envirofleece 17g


This size of Envirofleece is standard and provides protection to plants to avoid damage from frost.

Envirofleece Plus


Envirofleece plus is 2.6 wide ,17g fleece which has strengthened edges which makes it more manageable to secure and also prolongs the life of the fleece.

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Polythene is a clear Clear horticulture film 150 gauge, perfect for bringing up crops. Polythene is also very ideal for covering hoops for plant protection.

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